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You can look to EMPIRE for your total refractory needs. Let us assume “sole-source responsibility, ” and it translates into convenience, quality, and not surprisingly, much greater economy. Just one call to us, and we’ll provide any or all of the following:

Installation – We offer all methods, including guniting, casting, ramming, brickwork, ceramic fiber systems, coatings and spray-on insulations.

Material Sales – Empire is an authorized distributor / contractor / installer for several major refractory manufacturers. Our warehouses are stocked with an extensive inventory of refractory products, ready for pick-up or delivery.

Maintenance – We can provide small or large repairs, as well as regularly maintain your linings via a preventative maintenance program.

Demolition – We ’ re skilled in removal of existing refractory linings utilizing the latest technologies.

Dry Out – Whether in our own shop furnace or in the field, EMPIRE can provide bake out services of refractories.

Precast Special Shapes – We design and engineer special shapes to meet specific process requirements. We ’ ll also save you time and labor costs by precasting linings in-house, then installing them at your site.

Turnkey – You can rely on Empire Refractories for any of the above services individually, or to deliver the total package…a refractory system that's complete.



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